Teacup Dachshund, Dapple Coat & Doll Face👶🏻 "Bella"

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Teacup Dachshund, Dapple Coat & Doll Face👶🏻



Let me introduce Bella to Aloha today. :)



It's Monday tomorrow.

Cheer up, everyone. :DD






The color is called the Double dapple.

The characteristics of a dachshund are his short legs and long waist.

And she has big eyes and the size of a palm.




Teacup dachshund usually weighs about 4 kilograms when they are grown.

This weight is affected by your parents' weight.








The diseases that a dachshund should be careful of include thyroid, 

urinary tract stones, and externitis.


Be careful as you are pretty and attractive.

He needs to be taken care of!




With the approaching 100-year-old society, 

pet dogs have become a necessity.





As they are pretty and lovely children,

I hope you are happy with your children with all your heart :)



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