Sweet Teacup Maltese !! I'm in love with you.

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Sweet Teacup Maltese !! I'm in love with you.


I guess all people around the world like white dogs.

The reason is that everybody falls in love

when they look at the white baby of fur.

Among them, how about Maltese with lovely eyes?








Name: Leo 

Breed: Maltese

Gender: Male

Birthday: 3 Months

Fur Color: White

Width & Height: 5 in & 4 in

Vaccines: Up-to-date on all vaccines

Bloodline: International Certified 4/14






He has big eyes, white fur, and small body.

And most of all, Leo loves people very much.

Whenever he sees me in the distance,

he always runs cute with his short legs.

Whenever I do, my heart stops beating.!!!!

He's an active kid who gets along too well with his friends.





Of course I have two Maltese.


Why don't you spend the rest of your life with the lovely Maltese like me?







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  • I love him . Perfect! I want one, please. A girl if possible. How much? How can i get one to Chicago?

    TJ Hughes on
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    axptjalxia on

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