What is the Character of the TeaCup Maltese?

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What is the character of the TeaCup Maltese?
Many people love them. 
Because Maltese is small, they are good for growing inside the house.
And their fur is white and round like a Doll.
Maybe they're loved by a lot of people. :)
Maltese's personality basically loves people.
So they feel jealous, but give back the love they received from people!!
And they are very self-assured and charming.
Maltese is basically white and long.
It looks good in whatever them wear.
Also, they are always small and lovely because on average, 
they stay about 2-3 kilograms.
So if you think of Maltese as your new family,
I really recommend it! Of course, I also have two TeaCup Malteses. 👍👍
They are cute children who can sometimes
be jealous of big eyes, white hair, and charm.

If you want to find the TeaCup Maltese, 
Please contact us at AlohaTeacupPuppies!
We are always looking for good health and perfect quality :)💗💗
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