Toy Poodle "COOKIE"

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Aloha's pet cookie :)










Cream poodle cookies have big eyes and a Teddy bear face.

And She like people so much that I have a lot of charm and a lot of facial expressions.

I think she'll give you a lot of laughter when she's with you :)









She is the size of a toy poodle.

We expect him to be round and small when he grows up.




She has curly hair and can't shed her hair easily.

It's the best breed to raise a poodle first.








Our goal is to have a good family.

Health is the best thing for us.





Who will be the family of cute cream poodle cookie?

Please feel free to contact us at Alohateacuppuppies. : -)

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  • Toy Poodle “COOKIE” – Aloha Teacup Puppies

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  • Toy Poodle “COOKIE” – Aloha Teacup Puppies

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