Prince Leo, a tiny little teacup.

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In The Aloha Teacup Puppies, 
if you're looking for a cute little Maltese.
Hello, everybody.❤❤
The hot summer is continuing,
but a fresh summer has come to Aloha.
I'm going to show you today is Prince Leo, a tiny little teacup.
Leo is just over three months old.
You should never worry about his health because he is too young!

We're going to take care of the dogs you're going to take all year.
We health guarantee 365 days against contagious diseases.
I want you to see Leo today. 
Let me show you a cute little face.
He's a three-month-old baby, and He's really 
It has a mysterious scent.
Even though he is young, 
he boasts white and smooth fur without a single color.
His nose is also black.
I want to assure you that when he grows up,
 you can raise him without any health concerns.
I'm looking for people who will raise him beautifully with love.
I kiss him more than 10 times a day,
but he seems to be a little annoying these days.
We always put size and health first.
Why don't you meet your lovely Leo with your new family?
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