How to take the medicine for dogs!

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When I raise a puppy

If it is a puppy that takes medicine well, it is very lucky.

Most dogs don't take medicines very well because they are tasteless.






The most stress-free way is to mix and feed rice or snacks.

You can mix them with snacks like a meat can and 

also mix drugs between chicken breasts.




But in this case, I wish the puppy would eat well. 

When a dog smells a drug, it either refuses to eat or stops







So most hospitals recommend

It's a way to eat it in strawberry syrup.

You put drugs and syrup in the syringe you received at the hospital.

It's a way to open his mouth and inject him.





In this case, dogs may feel stressed, but instead, they can all be quantified.





But a child who has a habit of biting, a big mouth. 

In the case of difficult children

This is a tough way.








If your dog is sick, you must take medicine for a set period of time.




It's not easy to medicine a puppy.

Find a way to fit a dog so that he can take the medicine without stress😃😄


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