"How to calculate the age of a puppy"

May 06, 2018

"How to calculate the age of a puppy"


When people think about dogs,

The average life span of dogs has also increased significantly.

But compared to the average life span of a human being,

The average life span of a dog seems relatively short at 15 years.





Even though dogs live for 10 years, they are very different from humans for 10 years.

What kind, size, and weight do you think the same dog has?

Each puppy has a slightly different age calculation.




Dogs can be divided into three parts depending on their age : babies / adults / senior.







Dogs are called puppies for less than a year before they are born.

At this time, dogs start barking about three months ago.

We also consider it to be a phase of adolescence.





Since my dog became a year old, I think it is an adult.

This is when a certain amount of personality was formed.

He's got a good perception of the family and the environment.






And when a dog is six to eight years old, it becomes an old man.

They have less exercise and their bodies don't function like they used to.

It is also a time for more attention and love!





Dogs have many different types and weights.

It can be divided into small dogs, middle dogs, large dogs, and large dogs.

As I said above, it depends on the size of the baby!



Please remember that this is a valuable family that will be with you forever in love.

Please be a lifelong family of cute and lovely puppies💖💖💖




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