White Pomeranian Teacup size "Anna" 💓💓

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White Pomeranian Teacup size "Anna" 💓💓



Of all the Mini pomeranians, there's a really small scale.

This is Princess White Pomeranian. : -)








Name: Anna

Breed: Pomeranian

Gender: Female

Birthday: 3 Months

Fur Color: White

Vaccines: Up-to-date on all vaccines

Bloodline: International Certified 4/14






Pomeranian is sensitive to environmental change.

But Anna eats too well, runs around.

It was perfect health!




In such a small size

I was worried about her health.

It was a healthy white pomeranian. : D  




I don't know who's going to be Anna's family yet.

I'm sure you will receive a really cute, charming girl as your family !!





Anna is a Teacup size, healthy, charming baby.

Would you be Anna's family?





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