How much should I feed the baby dog?

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How much should I feed the baby dog?


Puppies are always hungry. 

It's because they don't know how full they feel.

Sometimes a sensitive puppy needs to mix meat with its feed, 

but most healthy puppies eat anything well.

If they give a large amount of feed just because they eat well, 

they can cause indigestion or other problems.





The best way to feed your dogs is to refer to the daily amount of pay behind the feed.

It's because every feed has a different nutrient and calorie

So it's better to weigh the children and weigh the feed on the scales.



And over time, when a dog grows up, it has the ability to control itself.

Before that, it's better to divide it into three to four servings a day and feed it little by little. If the puppy doesn't eat well, the hypoglycemic sugar may come, so please adjust the an empty belly time.




You can also adjust the feed according to the state of the bowels.


#When the poop is too soft : Too much feed to digest

#When the poop is hard : When the feed is too low or the water in the body is too low



And it is important for puppies to eat and play well.

It's not like they're healthy to eat a lot.



And because the feed is different by age, you have to check this part and buy it.

!Keep it according to storage method.



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